Ovit Mountain

Welcome to Ovit Mountain. Located in the Kackar mountains, it was once a small village during the days of the ancient silk-road, now it is rediscovered as a backcountry paradise. We are neighbouring the Petran Plateau, where snowboarding with “Petran Boards” is a tradition for at least 200 year. Ovit is a beautiful hidden gem, and consists small villages, hills and frozen lakes on 60,000 acres of snow-covered land. You can try Guided Ski Touring, Snowmobile Backcountry, and Snowkiting. There is nothing but powder-love above 2640 meters.

Ovit Mountain is now under the protection of Ekşioğlu Family. There is a small village in Ovit Plateau, occupied by the family and local farmers, where 2640 Hotel is also located. Standing as a centrepiece at 2640 meters above sea level, this unique elevated area of the Black-Sea coast has a blissful shortage of large hotels, loud crowds, or mundane pistes.

We are running a professional backcountry operation since 2020, and having established a successful safety record, Ovit Mountain is now attracting powder lovers from all around the world. We would like to thank all our visitors who contribute to making Ovit’s history.


Discovered ≈60 km

There are more than 20 locations where you can try ski touring and snowmobile backcountry. Ovit guides and visitors already discovered ≈60 km of ski slopes in around 60,000 acres of snow-covered land. In the Ovit Plateau, you can take advance snowkiting lessons.