Backcountry Adventures

Return to the roots, but with modified gear, and access pristine wilderness. Challenge yourself and the mountain.

3, 4, 5, 7 days and nights

Single, Double, Triple rooms

Snowmobile Backcountry

Explore all the terrain Ovit has to offer. This is for you If you are looking for the most vertical drop. Our long-weekend adventure.

Thursday to Sunday 

Single, Double rooms


Use kite to glide on snow and get wind power over large jumps. Easier for you if you have water-based kitesurfing experience.

3, 4, 5 days and nights

Single, Double rooms

The Mountain

Welcome to Ovit Mountain. Located in the Kackar mountains, it was once a small village during the days of the ancient silk-road, now rediscovered as a backcountry paradise. We are neighbouring the Petran Plateau, where snowboarding with “Petran Boards” is a tradition for at least 200 year. This beautiful hidden gem consists of 60,000 acres of snow-covered hills and frozen lakes. You can try Guided Ski Touring, Snowmobile Backcountry, and Snowkiting. There is nothing but powder-love above 2640 meters.

Stay at 2640 Hotel where we have a large south-facing lobby with floor-to-ceiling windows and enjoy the whitest view. Grab a drink or two from bar at Après Ski. Our very own, “high altitude” chef offers world cuisine with local ingredients at 2640 meters. if you don’t want to do backcountry all day and get your work done, we got you covered, we have a fast and reliable internet on site. Check out our winter packages, choose your dates, book your place and contribute to making Ovit’s history.

2640 Hotel

2640 Hotel is sitting at the heart of Ovit Plateau. You can enjoy the whitest view with it’s south-facing and floor-to-ceiling windows. Grab a coffee and get your work done with our reliable internet at your new office with a view

Single Room

1 person

Perfect for you If you are a solo traveller.

Double Room

2 people

Stay with your significant other or with a friend

Triple Room

3 people

Share a room with friends and family

2640 Restaurant

Our very own, “high altitude” chef offers world cuisine with delicious local ingredients at 2640 meters. Start your day with our signature Full Turkish Breakfast. You can either have chef-made sandwiches to go or you can return from your adventure and choose from starters, mains, and desserts. Grab a drink or two from the bar at Après Ski. Click below to see dinner options and more.