Ski Touring at Ovit Mountain
Join guided ski tours at Ovit Mountain. Our approach is unique; it’s more like ‘glamping’ than traditional hut-to-hut ski touring. You’ll start your tour with an 8km climb to Ovit 2640 Hotel, providing a comfortable elevation gain. At our 11-room hotel, you’ll enjoy the Turkish hospitality and it’s world-famous cuisine. Each day, you’ll plan your route with your guide. You’ll ascend and then descend back to the hotel. We offer roundtrip snowmobile support to help you explore the best of Ovit. We serve delicious Turkish breakfasts, take-away sandwiches for lunch, and a combination of Turkish Mezze and World cuisine at dinner.
Ovit 2024 Season Ski Touring Offers

Ovit Mountain 2024 Season will be open from 1st of February to the 31st of March. Our special October offers are currently open for reservations. Our early bird customers will have the option to select their dates by January at the latest.

Ski Touring

Breakfast Lunch and Dinners included. Accommodation and Ski Touring with a backcountry guide

Standard Double Room (2 Guests)

Deluxe Single Room (1 Guest)

Offers include

  • Accommodation: Full Board with Single & Double Room options
  • Breakfast: Turkish Breakfast 
  • Lunch: Lunch Box to go, with chef made sandwiches 
  • Dinner: Turkish and World Cuisine
  • Transportation: Your tour begins at the İspir end of the Ovit Tunnel, where you will ascend from 2100m to 2640m to reach the Ovit Hotel. The journey covers a distance of 8 km with a gradual elevation, taking approximately half a day. Along the way, you will pass by abandoned summer villages, allowing you to immerse yourself in the local surroundings. We will transport your luggage using snowmobiles. We also provide snowmobile assistance at your daily ski touring trips.


  • Transportation between Rize or Trabzon airports and the Ovit Tunnel

VIP (8 passengers): €250 per one-way trip 

Vito (4 passengers): €220 per one-way trip 

  • Snowmobile Shuttle

Prices range between €10 to €45 per one-way trip, depending on the distance.

  • Ski Touring Rental

€55 per day

You can rent ski touring equipment (except boots).

  • Powder Ski Rental

 €65 per day 

  • Avalanche Equipment (airbag backpack, transceiver, probe)

€30 per day. We use Black Diamond equipment. Your guide must approve your airbag, if you have your own. 

  • Snowshoe Rental

€15 per day 

  • Restaurant & Bar

We will post our restaurant and bar prices soon.