Frequently Asked Questions

1Where is Ovit Mountain located?

Ovit Mountain is situated in the northeastern part of Turkey, between the Rize and Erzurums regions. It's in the Kaçkar Mountains, known for their stunning natural beauty. You can find us on Google Map and the Map is at the bottom of this page.

2What activities can I enjoy at Ovit Mountain?

Ovit Mountain offers a variety of outdoor activities, including ski touring, snowmobile backcountry adventures, snowkiting, and snowshoe walking tours. It's a paradise for those who love winter sports and the great outdoors.

3How do I get to Ovit Mountain?

You can reach Ovit Mountain by flying into nearby airports, such as Rize or Trabzon. From these airports, it's a scenic drive to Ovit Mountain, passing through beautiful landscapes. The journey is part of the adventure.

4What is the accommodation like at Ovit Mountain?

At Ovit 2640 Hotel, we provide comfortable accommodation with various amenities. Our rooms offer hot water, internet access, and a sauna for your relaxation. You'll enjoy stunning views through large windows that face the mighty mountains. We serve delicious food, featuring the best of Turkish hospitality. To ensure a continuous power supply, we have backup generators. You'll have access to comfortable beds and clean toilets. We also offer a spacious family room for those traveling with loved ones.

5Are there any special offers for booking in advance?

Yes, there are early booking offers for those who plan their trips in advance. These offers provide savings and priority in selecting dates for your adventure.

6What is the weather like at Ovit Mountain?

The weather at Ovit Mountain varies. It's best to check up-to-date weather information. You can find us on SnowForecast. However, in general, you might experience a few days of snow, followed by clear and sunny days with plenty of fresh powder.

7What is snowmobile backcountry?

Snowmobile backcountry is an adventure where our snowmobile riders take you to the top of around 20 different hills. With a guide, you'll ski or snowboard down these hills, planning your route each day. For safety, we provide avalanche gear. You can enjoy 6 to 12 descents in a day. It's a fun way to explore the mountain.

8Do you have a bar? Are meals and dining options available at Ovit Mountain?

Yes, we have a bar and restaurant at Ovit Mountain. You can enjoy meals and dining options here. If you need a late-night snack, our restaurant offers a variety of dishes. Additionally, you can grab a drink at the bar during your apres-ski time. We will post the menu soon.